Will Dungee

Coach (Life, Purpose, Couples, Ministry, Strengths) | Speaker (Motivation, Retreats, Workshops) | Ministry Consultant

CANTAG Solutions LLC is a Life and Wellness Coaching Firm. We help leaders manage stress by giving them the tools to focus on the things that matter most, which are mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, as well as maintaining healthy relationships at home, work and in the community.



Rich Schlentz

Founder of EXTRAordinary! Cultures

Will has proved invaluable as our corporate coach. His insight and tools have allowed us to strengthen internal relationships, uncover our unique strengths, improve teamwork, and..

Kala Taylor

Gallop-Certified Strengths Coach

As a coach, I believe that everyone needs a coach! I selected Will because he was my college pastor almost 20 years ago. I felt that I was in a pivotal place in my career and I wanted a coach that..

Larry Diana

Business Leader and Coach

Will has a sincere passion for helping people and he is committed to improving relationships for all those he works with. Will has exceptional listening skills which allows him..

Kevin Bullard

President at Marriage Works!, Inc.

Will Dungee is a thorough coach who is continually practicing his trade. I have known Will for over three decades, and have recently begun working with him in a peer-coaching relationship.