Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching

Whether you are dating, engaged, or have been married for many years, one thing stands true; we are all different. There are times when we each need help communicating and expressing ourselves. We can help. We are experts in communication.


Marriage is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Let us help you start it right. It's always a good thing to have those conversations about in-laws, finances, sex, raising children, household chores before you say "I do."

Sign up for our five (5) premarital sessions. The first session starts with an SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Assessment. Will Dungee, our Lead Coach, was a pastor for 27 years, so he has lots of experience helping couples start their marriage off with the best foundation. He is also a certified SYMBIS Facilitator. Sign up Now or Schedule a Discovery Call Today.

Married Couples who are wanting to grow in communication and "oneness":

Many couples grow through seasons when they are not on the same page. We help you have healthy conversations that lead to understanding, mutual respect, and shared goals.  Sign up Now or Schedule a Discovery Call Today.

Couples who are in business together:

Starting and maintaining a business can be stressful. It can cause spouses to feel discontented form each other.  If spouses are in business together, stress and frustrations are often magnified. We help co-entrepreneurs focus on what matters most - each other. Sign up Now or Schedule a Discovery Call Today.